Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Wednesday, December 29, 2004 - Personal Medical-Type Yuckiness

If you aren't into hearing this sort of thing, feel free to skip this post, because it falls into the category of "too much information".

Over the summer I developed a cyst in my groin, which I saw my doctor about. He was unconcerned about it and recommended that I not bother having it removed unless it was really bothering me. Ok, fine.

Last Thursday morning I wake up and discover to my shock a red, painful lump in that location that has grown from the size of a large pea to that of maybe half a ping-pong ball.

So on Monday morning I gave the doctor a call. He had me come in that afternoon. He determined that it was an infection and decided to lance it. Thankfully he gave me a shot of Novocaine, but that shot hurt like you would not believe. I wanted to grab the doctor's hair and pull it out (but I settled on my own hair instead).

For two days I walked about with a big dressing over the wound, which was left open and stuffed with gauze so it could drain. I'm walking around funny, pick up Zipper, and strain a back muscle. Now I can't bend _this_ way or *this* way. Later I'm picking something up off the floor and go down onto my knee and land with all my weight on one knee on a small toy, resulting in a bruise.

So now it hurts to do _this_, *this* and ^this^.

Today I went back to have the dressing removed, which also hurt like hell, but it's looking a lot better. I just have a pile of antibiotics to take for a week. Once it heals up I'll need to make a decision as to whether the cyst needs to come out (assuming it still exists). My back is slowly getting better too. I'll probably be back in action by early next week.


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