Friday, December 24, 2004

Friday, December 24, 2004 - A Little Holiday Humbug

This is the first Christmas that I will not be spending with my extended family (because my parents and my sister and her family have moved to South Carolina). It's rather sad. But I know that next year things will be more settled and we should be able to get into a "new" old routine for the holidays.

That is, assuming that I'm not writing this blog from the other side of the world come next December.

But I still have my hubby's family, right? And they are still all around here!

Well, true. Except...

Ironwolf's sister decided that she didn't like the Christmas schedule. She didn't like rushing off to her mother's house on Christmas morning, as was our tradition, because she wanted to spend a quiet Christmas at home with her family. OK, that's fine, nothing wrong with that at all. So she proposes a Christmas Eve gathering. We'd all go to the early church service together and then go to Grandma's house for dinner. Great for everyone.

Except me. I'll be going to that early church service, and I'll be staying there, because it will be time for me to rehearse for handbells and choir for the 7:30 PM service. Now, of course, by the time I roll out of church at 9 PM or so, it will be getting too late for the kiddies, and by the time I get there things will be wrapping up.


Who knows why later on Christmas Day could not be considered? It's not like my husband's sister has anyplace else to rush off to later that day - her husband and his family is Jewish.

I'm being a humbug, I know, and I also know that I'll still enjoy and appreciate the holiday with my immediate family. But it's just not right. I'm used to a whirlwind of family and fun, and this year there will be none of that.


Blogger Jen(nifer) said...

Merry Christmas to you! : )

12/25/2004 9:36 PM  
Blogger none said...

I feel for fact I feel the same, but I had to grow a very thick skin about it the past 10 years.

12/26/2004 6:44 AM  

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