Saturday, December 18, 2004

Saturday, December 18, 2004 - Tae Kwon Leap (Boot To The Head)

Rascal and I had our second Tae Kwon Do lesson yesterday. I had a good time, but all Rascal wants to do is to jump around and do cartwheels. The instructor thinks that probably he will not be ready for group classes because he doesn't follow directions.

This is really disheartening to me, because this would not be the first time that Rascal has been rejected from an activity due to his rambunctiousness. I was really hoping that he would be interested in this and that it would help him to learn discipline and get him ready to deal with a structured environment. Rascal will try a group class on Monday to see if he responds better to it, but prospects look bleak.

The horrid thing is that I know that is very much my fault for not providing the structure and the discipline that he needs. It's my fault that he isn't in a Pre-K program (although I would have had to shell out a lot of money for a private Pre-K, since he didn't get a spot in the public "universal" Pre-K). It's my fault that he really isn't involved in any activities. He's a smart kid, and I'm probably dooming him to a childhood where he is a social misfit (like my childhood).

I know, I'm beating myself up over this, and I don't really need to. I'm not the type of mother who lets him get away with anything he wants, but I do like to give him a lot of freedom. But the fact is that he does need some structure, and I'm at a loss at how to provide it.

On a good note, I seem to be doing quite well, and I must say that I look very good in my uniform, and have finally learned how to tie the belt. :-) I'll be starting group classes on Monday as well. I'll be a clueless newbie in a sea of seasoned adult students, but everyone's gotta start somewhere. Now we'll just have to find out how much these classes are actually going to cost me...


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