Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Tuesday, December 14, 2004 - I Would Cry If It Wasn't So Damn Funny

Tonight I was not expecting to be blogging; I was planning on baking some cookies. But unfortunate events led me to this point...

First of all, I was trying a new recipe, and I quickly realized that the mixing bowl that I was using, along with my electric mixer, was way too small. And how did I realize this? Because the mixer was throwing the mixture from the bowl and splattering it all over me and my kitchen! (and this was *before* I added any flour). So, with a little difficulty, I searched and found a larger bowl to accomodate the mixture and proceeded to add the flour.

I had just put the last scoop of flour in and was completing the mixing process when suddenly my hair caught in the electric mixer, rapidly winding itself countless times around the beaters. Thankfully the mixer was on low speed, for I was able to react quickly enough to shut it off the mixer became thoroughly embedded in my hair.

I wandered down to the basement, mixer and bowl in hand, to where Ironwolf was wrapping presents. He was a little annoyed because he was wrapping a present for me at the time, but soon he realized my dire predicament and cut my hair loose from the machine.

So my cookie dough is ruined, I've lost a lock of hair (though it's not really noticeable amongst my unkempt mane), my kitchen is a terrible mess, and I won't be able to make more cookies until I go to the store again for more ingredients.

*sigh* You may all now proceed to make fun of me... :-P


Blogger wendy said...

Owww...Poor Angel

I won't make fun 'cause that so could have been me.

12/15/2004 11:43 AM  
Blogger Ann Marie said...

WOW, that was so funny, and yet slightly horrific! Who could have figured that cookie making could be so dangerous!

If I had really long hair I could see this happening to me. I have already had the wonderful experience of dough flying out of the mixer to coat the room!

Wonderful Blog, I can related to it! (three kids here, ages 3, 5, and 8 years!)

12/15/2004 12:01 PM  

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