Friday, December 10, 2004

Friday, December 10, 2004 - Celebrations

Today was a day full of celebrations!

First I had the pleasure of attending my church's seniors' luncheon. Ok, I didn't really go for the luncheon - I was part of the entertainment. Part of the handbell choir (the half-dozen of us in the group that are retired or could get out of work [or be lucky enough to have dh at home watching the boys today]) played a selection of Christmas handbell pieces. Our director surprised us with Santa hats to wear during the performance. We looked really funny!

It was a lot of fun, but unfortunately we didn't get to have a lot of rehearsal time, and some of the handbell choir members are not so skilled (I do pretty well for myself though), so the last two pieces didn't come out quite so well. Usually if you have a weak piece of music, you shove it in the middle so people forget about it pretty quick. Nope. Both the tough ones were at the end. Ah, well. What do you expect from volunteers anyway! *chuckle*

Later in the afternoon we surprised Rascal with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's because my baby turns 5 years old tomorrow! I didn't want to throw a big bash (there will be time enough for that when he starts requesting them), so we just had his aunt and cousin as guests. Oh, it was so much fun! The little ones had a great time with the games and rides (and the adults managed to get a few cracks at the games too). It was surprisingly quiet there too until about 6 PM (when the parents finally got of work to take their kiddies there, of course). Rascal was very surprised and happy.

I told myself I wasn't going to do it, but Rascal had been requesting the Fisher-Price Imaginext Dragomont Fortress for months. I told myself I wasn't going to get a crappy piece of plastic toy, but I broke down and got it anyway. Well, ok, not exactly. The Fortress is a new toy in their Dragon set. I looked at the set and found that the older "scenery pieces" cost much less (and looked cooler imho) so I got him a "dungeon" set and some extra figures to go along with it. Rascal was thrilled to get it! There were about a million pieces to put together, but it wasn't too bad. There's a slight tendency for a couple of the pieces to fall off, but it's built to bew easily put together and taken apart so it can be constructed in different ways. Very cool. I wish I had one as a kid.

Actually, I'm kind of lusting for the Fire & Ice Dragons set put out recently by Mega Bloks. Oh, I saw a display of them today and they are so cool! I would have gotten them for Rascal instead but they are all ages 8+ toys. Ah, well. Maybe there will be one in my stocking.

Wow, I've really digressed here. Party hearty, y'all!


Blogger none said...

Happy Birthday Rascal!! :)

12/11/2004 4:22 AM  
Blogger wendy said...

Happy Birthday Rascal!

When Kyle was about that age we surprised him with a trip to Chucky Cheese. He'd never been before because we don't have them down here. Turns out he was terrified of Chucky! To this day mentioning Chucky Cheese still gives him a little shiver.

The Fire and Ice Dragon Mega Bloks are very cool but do have tons of very tiny pieces.

12/15/2004 11:38 AM  

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