Thursday, October 07, 2004

Thursday, October 7., 2004 - Hong Kong Koncerns

8 days until Hong Kong!

Ironwolf forwarded me an email detailing a basic expat package. I've got to admit, it would be tough to turn it down if it came to it. The actual base salary stays the same, but there's a housing allowance (housing costs are absolutely ridiculous in HK - we'll probably pay five times as much for a place that's a couple hundred sq. ft. smaller than what we have now), a transportation allowance, and a goods and services differential.

In truth, the proposal as it stands wouldn't be acceptable. We would have to maintain residence in the U.S. as well, pay HK and US taxes, and provide schooling for the boys (private school for Rascal, at least - I think it would do him a disservice to throw him into the public schools when he doesn't know the language at all), and there is no travel allowance for trips back to the U.S.

I'm not saying that we need all of these things in the package, but if we are going to leave the country it needs to be worth our while to do it.

Ironwolf is going to be mad that I said even this much. (If he reads it, anyway) But I needed to unload myself so that I know what I want when we reach the bargaining table.


Blogger wendy said...

I think you are right to try and weigh all the positives and negatives. Moving around the world is a wonderful adventure but at the same time it will have a major impact on all your lives. Living in another culture automatically adds to the stresses of everyday life even when you are trying to fit in. Living on the border has been like living in a forgein country. Different language, different food, different customs. It's taken time to adjust.

At least you'll have a chance to visit first. Can't wait to see pictures.

10/07/2004 12:36 PM  
Blogger Jade said...

You're not wrong to weigh it so heavily and put restrictions and demands on parts that don't serve you right. Moving around the world is an exciting venture, but you're a mom and have to think about that part too, making the best decision for your family in the long run. I agree, there is no point if it's not going to be worth your while in some way, because in leaving the country you're already giving up a great deal. Like the comforts of home.

10/07/2004 3:14 PM  
Blogger serenerachel said...

I was wondering about the HK trip. I think I might be slow or just haven't been reading your blog since you have mentioned your trip and why you were taking it. My husband would love to live in Seattle, WA and that is way too far away from MO. Of course, there is not a job offer there. Good luck to you. You defnitely need to think about all aspects. This would be a huge change, at least I know it would be for me.

10/07/2004 5:09 PM  
Blogger Mia said...

Re schooling, you would be unlikely to want to put your child in a local school here, the pressure on the 5 year olds at exam times is huge. Yes 5 year olds, and it just gets worse.

10/11/2004 2:49 AM  

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