Friday, October 01, 2004

Friday, October 1, 2004 - Off And Running

I don't have much time for posting today - it's been pretty busy. My folks are in town for the weekend so we are going to see them tonight. Maybe I'll propose a family blog to them (hey, if Blogger's hosting, why not?) and see if they are interested. It would be a good way for everyone to keep in contact. Maybe I'll have time to say more later tonight, but for now...

Zip! Off we go!!!!


Blogger Desiree' said...

Have a great visit with your parents Shadow!

I think that the family blog is a great idea. I have tried numerous times to do similar things like that with my family but it never panned out. Then again everyone in my family has a cell phone except me. They always "reach out and touch some one" with those damn phones. Sucks for them though...if they want to reach me, they usually have to leave a message. LOL

10/02/2004 11:05 AM  

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