Monday, October 04, 2004

Monday, October 4, 2004 - Storytime (Part 2)

Jade's post mentioned in my previous post was the story of her pregnancy and birth of her eldest child. I remembered that I submitted my own first birth story to Before you read the rest of this post go read my story here. (don't go through the main page, the link to my story is broken).

Ok, got it? I have a few revisions to the story, because when I wrote that I didn't have all the details and I was strung out on painkillers and lack of sleep.

1. Yes, the total time from start of induction to birth was 38 hours. Yes, I was very tired and hungry.

2. There were more doctors present than what I recalled. There was the delivering doctor, the resident OB on duty, all 3 of the other doctors from my OB-GYN's office, and the anestheiologist (all for me), plus a doctor for the baby. Plus the urologist later.

3. The hemorraging was the most important issue, but my later research indicated that I was in serious risk of heart failure from the amount of Pitocin I had in me plus the blood loss.

4. My husband was with me at the birth, and he told me later that after I was given the Demerol that I started acting really strange, and apparently I talked about baseball at length (LOL I don't even watch baseball!). No memory of it at all. (btw, yes, I did get to see my baby before my brain went off into La-La Land)

5. Yeah, they cut my ureter during the C-section. Oops. That healed fine, but let me tell you, having the stent removed was one of the most painful things I have ever gone through. Think about it - having a foot-long plastic tube pulled out through your urethra. Didn't take too long, but not fun.

6. One of doctors was talking about the birth with me a couple days later, and she told me that if it had been 10 years earlier, I would have died. Thank goodness for medical technology.

Maybe I'll put up the story of Zipper's birth sometime, though it's not nearly as interesting as Rascal's birth (thank goodness!)


Blogger wendy said...

Wow! Scary. I had Pitocin too because my water broke but my body did not kick into labor. Luckily for me my labor was long and boring but not very uncomfortable.

10/05/2004 10:49 AM  
Blogger none said...

You really had a guardian angel there Jen.

10/05/2004 3:46 PM  
Blogger serenerachel said...

Yuck!! Stories just like this are why I was scared to death to deliver my first child. It wasn't too bad, but daughter's heartbeat did stop and they had to suction her out. But it turned out just fine. She didn't even have a mark on her head where they suctioned her out. Of course she only weighed 5 lbs 6 ozs, so really how hard did they need to suck her out.

10/05/2004 8:51 PM  

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