Thursday, September 30, 2004

Thursday, September 30, 2004 - Stupid Earthlink

The problem is not with Blogger. Earthlink's Scamblocker is throwing up these messages for every page that I visit. I contacted Earthlink via their LiveChat function and they are working on it. But for now, I've turned Scamblocker off.

Blast it all, now I look like an idiot to the Blogger folks. I sent them another email explaining, but chances are different people will read the messages and I'll still have to deal with it.

Stupid Earthlink. I pay too much for their dial-up to go through these hassles.


Blogger Jade said...

Too bad. Earthlink, in my opinion, sucks. I had internet through them some years ago, and they kept double charging my account. Bastards. I am sorry for your hassles!

9/30/2004 7:55 PM  

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