Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Wednesday, September 1, 2004 - Regarding Soulmates

I felt this to be worthy to include in my blog. It is a recent post from Axinar's Universe for which I provided a lengthy comment. I am interested in hearing my dear reader's ideas on this topic as well.

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Blogger wendy said...

I agree with Axinar's comment that there is more than one potential soul mate and that we simply just stop looking for others once we've found one. Yet, I feel that many people will live their lifetime without meeting or recognising potential soul mates.

ShadowAngel said you need to know your own soul first. I think that's true. Most people has no clue who they are let alone have the ability to recognize what it would take for them to feel content. People have an immature and unrealistic view of what relationships should be built on.

Many will automatically rule out even talking to someone as a potential mate because they don't fit in to a prescribed set of physical characteristics. I heard many a conversation in which a guy was ruled out because he was "too tall, too short, to skinny, too fat, ect." The list goes on and on. They are waiting for that "eyes lock across a crowded room." When they find it, they almost inevitably get married. It's only afterwards that they realize they have nothing more in common beyond the physical. What happens when physical appearances fade and you actually have to talk to each other? Divorce, because "you don't feel that spark anymore."

My husband and I are soul mates. We laugh at the same stupid, absurdities of life. We share many of the same hobbies and passions. We enjoy talking to each other about the mudane manutia. We are content to just be in each others company.

William simply puts it this way, "You get me."

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