Monday, August 30, 2004

Monday, August 30, 2004 - Turning To The Dark Side

I've been playing that damned Star Wars game too much. Way too much. My name is ShadowAngel, and I'm a Jediholic. Ironwolf is getting pissed at me about it, and with good reason. Fear not, honey, it will be all over with soon!

The best thing about the game is that the main character you are playing is a Jedi, and your actions and words matter in the game - if you do and say good things, you become more aligned with the Light Side; if you do and say bad things, you become more aligned with the Dark Side. I have been playing a goody-goody character, of course, but I can't wait to start a new game and play someone who is just despicably bad and see how the game turns out!


Blogger wendy said...

There's an RPG coming out called Fable that does the same thing. The game progresses differently depending on how good or bad you are. I'd like to get it but don't knwo when I'll have time to play it. I nenevr finish games.

8/30/2004 10:09 PM  
Blogger ShadowAngel said...

Cool! I'll look forward to the reviews on that one. I don't go for console games often anymore, but I'm a sucker for a good RPG. I usually don't buy brand-new releases anymore though because I can't stomach spending $50 or more on a game.

8/31/2004 10:25 AM  

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