Monday, August 30, 2004

Monday, August 30, 2004 - Weekend Update

It's been a busy weekend. I've already discussed the Irish Festival; here's the rest of it.

Saturday the whole clan went to the Niagara Falls Air Show. It has returned to its full glory at the NF Air Force base after a couple off years because of the war. There was a couple dozen military aircraft on the ground, including several you can go inside, plus the flight show. F-16's are awesome! I want one when I grow up! Unfortunately, a few hours into the show, the rain suddenly came pouring down. The flights were cancelled and almost everyone made their way to the exits. We toughed it out for a little while, but when it seemed there would be no respite we left. We were drenched, and the boys were complaining (go figure). Oh, well, we still had a good time.

On Sunday I had responsibility for the music at church. I did a vocal solo, which went better than I expected. But I had also arranged for a flute trio. One of my fellow flautists didn't show up for rehearsal. And she continued to not show up. We called her house in a panic but got no answer. Finally 5 minutes before church started, she comes in the door, hair still wet from the shower. Whew! The flute piece went well too.

After church I had a bridal shower to attend. The shower was for a childhood friend of mine (actually our whole families are friends). It's been a couple years since I'd seen her, and I was happy to celebrate her upcoming wedding.

Now here's the thing though. These people, her family and friends, are, for lack of a better term, ummm... white trash. I hate saying it, but it's true. I spent the whole afternoon talking with these women about how they are expecting their 3rd kid, all with different fathers, of course, how they are having so much trouble making ends meet with their McDonald's jobs, how their 2nd divorce is progressing, how their parents are probably going to kick them out of the house soon. Not to mention seeing some of the kids - most of the women I'm writing about are my age and a few years younger - that are starting to learn to drive and are looking at colleges! You get the idea.

Aaaagh! Look, I know everyone makes mistakes, but sheesh, couldn't one person there be getting life right?

Ironwolf had the guys over that night too, so I pulled myself away from the Star Wars game and was sociable for a while. That was good - I've been neglecting my friends too much lately.

Busy busy busy!


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