Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Tuesday, August 31, 2004 - Some Minor Blog Changes

Red Ring kicked me out because their automatic nav script checker says my script doesn't work. I pulled it from another ring site and only made tiny little changes! And all the links worked! I email the RingMaster about it a couple weeks ago and got no repsonse. Screw it. I'm done with them.

I'm getting rid of the chat function. It was too much hassle and nobody ever contacted me that way.

My egg from The Egg Agency was supposed to hatch today, and it didn't, and now the site says the hatch date is 9/30/04. Boo hoo hoo!


Blogger Jade said...

Honey, I can see your hatchling. It hatched all right! The trouble with your new baby is that the image is so large that it's pushing your text to the bottom of the page. Maybe refresh your browser to see it??? It's there! And he's beautiful! Congrats! :)

8/31/2004 12:08 PM  

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