Saturday, September 25, 2004

Saturday, September 25, 2004 - An Extraordinary Ordinary Day

I couldn't sleep again last night. If I could use the time to do something productive, it wouldn't be so bad, but I tried to read and the words just kept swimming.

This morning, Ironwolf and I were roused from bed by Rascal, who was downstairs yelling "Mommy! Mommy? MOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMYYYY!!! Oh, Mommy!" He must have done it 100 times. Ironwolf and I were making bets on how long he would continue until he would come upstairs to investigate. Then Rascal yells "Time to play chess with me, Mommy!" and we just cracked up.

We've been teaching Rascal chess, and he can't get enough of it. I figure I still have a few more weeks before he starts beating me regularly. :-)

Ironwolf let me run off to the gym in the late morning,and then I joined some friends for a very leisurely dim sum lunch (leisurely because of the horrendous service, but oh, the food is divine!). Just before I left Ironwolf called me to let me know he was taking the kids out for a while. So when I got home there was quiet! I got to lay down for a while!

It's nice to get a few hours away from the daily humdrum now and then.


Blogger Jade said...

What a wonderful way to spend an autumn Saturday!
How nice for you! :-)

9/25/2004 10:21 PM  
Blogger serenerachel said...

Ahhhhhh! The quiet of your own house! I love it when I get even 15 minutes to myself in the house!!

9/26/2004 12:19 PM  

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