Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sunday, November 7, 2004 - Poopies of a Different Shade

Ok, now that I've turned off all potential readers who are not moms, let's begin:

One of the stranger but oddly fascinating things about parenting very young children must be, on occasion, what can be found within their diapers.

I was changing Zipper today and found the contents of his diaper to be a really bright turquoise! It reminded me of Play-Doh (though you can rest assured that I was not about to be creating little sculptures out of that!). Now this surprised me and confused me for several minutes while I tried to figure out what could have caused this lovely coloration.

I determined that it must have resulted from a donut Zipper consumed yesterday. It had sprinkle decorations on it - orange hearts, and black bats (must not have gone through all the Halloween sprinkles yet). Of course it was the bats that were the culprit here, as I determined that they were not black at all, but actually a very dark blue. Ah, the interesting things you learn as a parent!


Blogger Jade said...

Oh my gosh, that so reminds of a time when my oldest childs doody came out bright, almost flourescent green! They had been eating something that had preservatives in it, a lot, and the dr. said that is what caused the discoloration. I freaked! I was a first time mom, how was I supposed to know! LOL

11/08/2004 9:45 AM  

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