Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sunday, November 7, 2004 - A Few Random Thoughts

  • It seems that I am getting a whole week's worth of postings done in one evening. C'est la vie!
  • The Bills won again! Yeah! We don't entirely suck!
  • I look up and realize that I still haven't managed to get all my clocks changed yet.
  • I know I complained about it a couple months ago, but I still have too much stuff. It's time for a proper cleaning o' the closets.
  • I'm not really horrified that Bush is still President. Saddened, perhaps, but not horrified. Life goes on, and after all, he's only got 4 more years to screw things up. Most dictators get a few decades!
  • I have decided that I can move to HK because...they have a handbell association :-)


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