Friday, October 15, 2004

Friday, October 15, 2004 - Up, Up, and Away!!!

5 hours until Hong Kong!!!

And what am I doing? Staying up all night, cleaning, packing, and blogging!

This will be my last post for a bit, since it's going to take some 16+ hours to get there and blogging will be the last thing on my mind. So don't panic if I disappear for a few days.

Let's tie up a couple loose ends, shall we?

  1. Rascal is doing fine following his incident. He does have a small bruise on the side of his face, but that's it! I'm still amazed he emerged unscathed, and I'm very thankful that we had help from our friends. I don't know what would have happened if I had been home alone when this happened (maybe I would have summoned up SuperMom strength). It did keep me up for much of the night last night though. The thought of one of my kids being badly hurt plus the anxiety over this trip was just too much.

  2. Hey, I got that suit I ordered from! Yay! It looks ok, although I really, really wish I had less of a stomach (or maybe just a longer jacket on the, no, less stomach, definitely).

  3. The house is almost, kind of, completely clean and ready for my MIL to live in! I feel like I've been cleaning for weeks.

  4. I didn't manage to get a haircut or have my nails done. :-( Well, maybe I can spare some time to go to so fancy salon in HK!

  5. I've already filled 2/3 of my IPod...(bad shadowangel!)

So I'm off on "The Adventure Of A Lifetime!" Don't forget to check out The Hong Kong Follies for updates!


Blogger Jade said...

Girl, you will be missed in the interim, but do no fear! I'll be reading Hong Kong Follies and I will be with you in spirit on the flight. I will be such a wonderful experience for you, I can't wait to hear your thoughts!
Have a wonderful time! Don't fret about anything at home (at least TRY not to!) and let yourself soak in everything around you!
God speed!

10/15/2004 9:37 PM  
Blogger none said...

Jen...I wish you the best trip ever! I hope you have loads of fun!

10/17/2004 3:40 AM  

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