Monday, October 11, 2004

Monday, October 11, 2004 - Oh, I've Wasted My Day...

putting tunes on my IPod. It still amazes me that I have taken a stack of CD's taller than me and reduced them to such a little device.

Unfortunately, I needed to get things done around here and it hasn't happened. So after one more CD (really, just one more, I can stop whenever I want to!) I'll put the IPod away and really start preparing for the upcoming trip.

Blast, my suit from better get here soon. All right, no more delays. Back to work! (now with a well-stocked IPod, of course...)


Blogger none said...

I get this way too before a big trip. I´m so excited for you!

10/12/2004 4:40 AM  
Blogger Jade said...

oh, my antsy little friend, I wish I could be there to help you!
slowly put down the ipod and walk away. you'll be fine for a little while listening to what you've got so far so that you can get some packing done. LOL
I can't wait!

10/12/2004 9:16 AM  
Blogger serenerachel said...

My husband loves his MP3 player, not an ipod, which he would like. But still he loves it. It will be great to have for your trip! Good luck with packing and getting prepared. No matter what decisions you have to make, what a great opportunity to take a trip to Hong Kong!

10/12/2004 10:21 PM  
Blogger wendy said...

I know just how you feel. Any weird travel related dreams? I always have the strangest dreams before any big trip.

10/12/2004 11:15 PM  

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