Thursday, December 09, 2004

Thursday, December 9, 2004 - Quest For The Beer

Those of you that followed my Hong Kong blog may remember my mentioning a certain German beer for which Ironwolf has been looking for many months. Here now is the story so far:

Ironwolf had a discussion with his bro-in-law (last year, I think_, in which the BIL mentioned that his favorite beer was this unpronounceable German beer made by Paulaner. I don't know if he had it in Germany or whatever, but I wasn't part of this conversation. Anyway, the BIL was sad that he was unable to find the beer anywhere locally.

So Ironwolf went on a quest to find this beer. Sad to say, it was true, the beer could not be found locally. he did find a place that sold pilsner glasses with the beer's logo on it (he bought those), but they no longer carried the beer.

Months later he decided to go hunting on the Internet. We found that there were distributors of this beer in the U.S., but could not find one closer than Binghampton (about 3 hours away), and they of course are wholesalers, not retailers. Ironwolf planned to drive out to Binghampton this weekend just to find this beer *somewhere*. Luckily, some additional phone research located a retailer with plenty of cases in Rochester (*much* closer!). Yay! Tomorrow evening my hubby will be off to collect the long-awaited brew!


Blogger none said...

Paulaner is a beer from South-Bavaria. It´s ok. Erdinger is also a south-bavarian beer of similarly high quality and is worth a try.

But I found out that the *really* good stuff never makes it out of the country. It magicaly evaporates on the way to the ship. ;)

Enjoy. =)

12/10/2004 4:51 PM  

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