Sunday, September 05, 2004

Sunday, September 5, 2004 - Labor (Day) Weekend

A thought just occurred to me... if I didn't type the date in the title of my posts, there's a fair chance that I would not be able to tell you what the date was...

Let's sum up how the weekend has been progressing:

  • Friday - celebrated Ironwolf's birthday and hosted poker night (already discussed)
  • Saturday - attended friends' wedding
  • Sunday - hosted big birthday bash for Ironwolf, his grandmother, and for Zipper (who turns 2 on the 13th)

I am exhausted!


The wedding was that of one of Ironwolf's hockey buddies and his fiance (duh, of course). Not close friends really, but they're good people, so we went, along with several other friends. This wedding was, honest to goodness, the first wedding I have ever known where the drinking started before the ceremony! And continued through the ceremony, which was quick and painless.

Do you? Yes! Do you? Yes! Good, you're married, kiss her!
(a la Princess Bride)

No sound system, no photographer, no fancy dinner (awesome hors d'oeuvers though). Simple and direct. We had a blast! Well, the open bar helped with that...

The wedding/reception was held at the Clement Mansion (better known to any local readers as that fancy Red Cross building over on Delaware). My goodness, what a gorgeous place! Think of Buffalo as a shithole if you want to (you'd mostly be right), but believe me, the city has some of the best architecture in the world. It's a well-kept secret that shouldn't be secret. The building isn't normally open to these events, but the groom has connections, so he managed it. I was really impressed by it - particularly the copper elevator, which was the first ever elevator installed in a private residence.


I busted my butt for days over this party we threw today. I spent so much money that, well, let's say I shouldn't buy any more food this month! The endless cleaning and running about doing errands, cooking, and other preparations was just incredible. I limited it to close family only, which made the total 22 people (including kids). My dad came into town for the weekend from South Carolina, so this was an extra-special get-together.

The weather was perfect, the kids spent most of the afternoon splashing in the kiddy pool and eating junk, Zipper didn't get a bunch of crappy toys as presents (thank goodness), almost every single beer and soda was consumed, and a good time was had by all!

Of course, we had to do all that cleaning up afterwards (ugh!), but things are finally returning to normal, and I have nothing else to do this weekend! Yay!


Lesssons learned from this experience:

  1. Poker can be a lot of fun, especially when you whup your friends/relatives behinds!
  2. Nobody is going to care if you spend hours and hours cleaning if they never go into that part of the house.
  3. Never ask the bartender to make you up something extra special of his choice. Oh, wait, maybe that should be always, not never!
  4. Two dozen helium balloons and a subcompact car are not a good combination.
  5. Saying "you know, my kid doesn't really need anything" works!
  6. My mom makes the best antipasto in the world.
  7. Insanity = hosting 2 parties in 3 days!


Blogger Axinar said...

You just have to get a different template ... either that or learn HTML and get the date into the headers of your entries.

Oh, yes, Template editing is fun, fun, FUN!

9/05/2004 10:28 PM  
Blogger ShadowAngel said...

No, my HTML skills aren't too bad (though a little out of date). That's all my coding in ShadowAngel's Cacophony.

No, what I meant is that I don't usually need to know what the date is, because every day is the same and it's easy to lose track!

9/06/2004 6:50 PM  

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