Saturday, September 04, 2004

Saturday, September 4, 2004 - Poker In The Front, Liquor In The Rear

I went down into the basement to play poker with the guys last night, just like I said I would. This is funny, guys.

I don't have any poker experience beyond playing video poker and having a brief tutorial courtesy of my hubby. (He enjoyed his last birthday present LOL)

It's $0.05 ante/$1.00 max bet poker, so this is very small stakes stuff. I buy five bucks worth of chips (most of the other players shelled out $10 - $15 to play that evening) and throw away a bunch of crappy hands before winning a big pot and tripling my initial stake.

Oh, it would have been fun to walk away from the table at that point, but I thought that I would be sociable instead. Besides, what was I going to lose? 5 bucks? So a couple hours pass by, and I lose a couple bucks in the process, but nothing too bad.

At 1 AM we decided to have a final hand of Texas Hold 'Em. I'm dealing, and I draw a pair of 6's. Everyone stays in while I flop a 2,4, 3. Things start escalating and a couple people drop out, leaving three of us. So we are all thinking "who's got the straight?" A 2 comes up on the turn and betting starts getting rough, with the three of us throwing in $1.50 each on the bet. The river comes up...6! My hubby raises $1.00, my friend raises $1.00 beyond that, I raise $1.00 beyond that, and my friend raises $1.00 one more time. This is a lot of money in the pot - right around $20.00! My hubby shows the straight, my friend shows a pair of 4's for a 4-2 full house, and I take it with a 6-2 full house!

I walked away from the table with over $30.00 on my initial $5.00 investment. Beginners luck, they call it! Bwah ha ha ha!!!


Blogger wendy said...

Good for you! I can never remember what to hold on to because I never remember what beats what and I have difficulty bluffing.

9/05/2004 10:39 AM  

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