Sunday, August 01, 2004

Saturday, July 31, 2004 - Anyone Want To Buy Some Rain?

My goodness, I do have a lot to say today, don't I?

This morning my mother-in-law (who only lives a few blocks away) had a garage sale. Naturally, it was pouring rain most of the time. Ironwolf dragged me and the boys along to help her, not that she needed all that help. I don't really understand why he wanted us to come and spend the whole morning there, but we didn't have a bad time. The kids always like going to Grandma's house anyway.

My mother-in-law's whole street was supposed to be doing a block sale (followed by a block party later in the afternoon). A quick stroll confirmed that almost no one else decided to go through with their garage sales because of the weather. Still, there was a quite a bit more traffic at her garage sale than what I had expected, so it wasn't a total wash. (Wash? Get it?)

BTW, by mid-afternoon, it was a lovely sunny day...


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