Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Wednesday, May 4, 2005 - Warning: Brag Alert

I'm going to brag and boast now, so if you don't care for that sort of thing, please stop reading now.

I went to tae kwon do last night. As you know, I successfully navigated my belt test last week, so I received my promotion to green stripe last night. But there was another treat! Much to my surprise, I was awarded a trophy for best poomse (the solo form, equivalent to a kata in karate)! I was totally stunned, in part because I couldn't imagine deserving such an award, and also because in the 4 1/2 months I have been there I have not seen a trophy awarded except for the usual "Student of the Month." I am honored to be recognized by Grandmaster Chong.

Who'da thunk it? Li'l' ol' overweight out-of-shape uncoordinated me? But from what I heard from of other students, they were not surprised by my receiving the award. Tres cool!

OK, that's enough bragging. Back to the mundane.

I finally got my sister's wedding cake thing settled. During the weekend I visited a bakery that had done my baby shower cake way back when. I walked into their shop, gazing at all the delectable goodies and took a look at a number of wedding cakes they had out on display.

And then I walked right back out of the shop without speaking to anyone. Beautiful, incredible cakes! At...atrocious prices. The prices were all about double what I was looking for.

So, feeling somewhat defeated, I began to drive home, and then I thought of a bakery that I had never been to that is several blocks from my home. Worth a try, right? Well, I stopped by and talked with them, and apparently this bakery had purchased most of the equipment that the original bakery (that went out of business a couple weeks ago) and had also received much of that bakery's business? What a bit of serendipity! I placed a order for the same cake at the same price. Life is beautiful, and I'm glad to get that off my plate.

Yay! It's date night! It's been a long time since I've had a date night because Ironwolf has been gone so much the last couple months. He's a little miffed that I have this incredible talent for picking out expensive restaurants. Haw haw haw that's the price you pay for not taking me out more often buddy!

I think I'm much happier now putting up a few posts per week rather than feeling pressed to put up an entry every day. So that's good! But I *still* haven't gotten back to my blog reading yet. So that's bad! I guess I'll have to pare it down to my favored 6 or 8 and get caught up. Soon. Really.

BTW, a happy 4th birthday to my niece, little B!


Blogger Jade said...

Congrats to you! That is an awesome feeling isn't it? I am proud of you!

5/07/2005 3:37 PM  
Blogger Jen(nifer) said...

Woo hoo! Kudos!

5/08/2005 11:47 AM  
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