Thursday, July 22, 2004

Thursday, July 22, 2004 - Mom, mom, mom...

Blast it all! I can't seem to keep from making typos in my blog, even with spell check, and it looks like Blogspot doesn't let you go back and edit old entries. Well, I'll double-check that last part.

Today was very blah. I've had no energy. At least the kids were pretty much satisfied with bumming around the house too. Maybe I should go to bed early.

Rascal is in this very endearing and annoying phase. He is constantly asking for my attention, and if I don't respond to him within a microsecond, he tries again. Thus the title of this entry.  It's kind of funny because when he was right about 2 years old, the first 40 or 50 words I would hear every morning were also Mom, Mom, Mom! He would call to me nonstop from his gated bedroom until I got up and let him loose. Ah, the more things change...

Rascal also gets so excited when he is talking that he has to take five or six tries before he can get the sentence out. If he'd just stop and take a breath he might be able to get it on the first try!

Zipper's diaper rash is getting better - not needing 15 diaper changes a day has helped. Thanks for your healing vibes, dear readers.

Ha ha ha ha! I spell checked this message just before sending it out, and Blogspot's spell-checker didn't know the word blog!


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