Thursday, August 19, 2004

Thursday, August 19, 2004 - VBS Update

I know, it's Thursday already - there's only one more day of VBS. I've been neglecting to post about it.

VBS has been going better than expected. It's a good group of kids. Ok, every group of kids is a good group of kids. There's one boy that's rather too physical, and a girl who's a hypochondriac, but nothing too major. They've been having fun, and surprisingly, I have been having fun too! And yay, this class can sing! It leaves me absolutely exhausted though, so I've been conking out on the couch every afternoon (yes, I know, it's a bad idea with the little guys running around, but hey, they haven't burned the house down yet).

Rascal and Zipper haven't been doing so well though. Rascal separated himself from his class yesterday and wandered the halls of the church for a while until the pastor found him. They had a nice chat in her office before returning him to his class. She thinks that Rascal dislikes the chaos and large crowds of kids inherent to VBS. I can empathize with that. Rascal was also delivered to me in my classroom today because he wouldn't stop crying. So I had to deal with my class and him.

Zipper is being watched in the nursery this week. The girls in there are really nice - I think I am going to ask one of them to be my babysitter. But Zipper doesn't like to be away from his mommy. They brought him to me yesterday because he wouldn't stop crying Then today they tell me that he was cranky and that he slept part of the time. Klaxons sound in my head because Zipper doesn't nap...unless he's sick. I get him home and he takes a nap. He wakes up with a fever. He even went to bed early. Now I'm in this unfortunate position - I have to be at VBS to teach, but if my kid is sick I'm not going to take him. Ugh. My mother offered to come over tomorrow morning to take care of him, but she lives an hour away, and I don't really want to bug her that early in the morning. If I have to though, I will.

One more day...


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