Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Wednesday, August 11, 2004 - All By My Little Lonesome

Ironwolf is off on an 8-day trip to sunny California (all business, he's assured me). It will be good for him to get away from Buffalo. The weather here the last 1 1/2 weeks has been really odd. It only gets up to the low 70's (if that), and we have to shut the windows at night because sometimes it's getting down to the low 50's. I shouldn't complain because I prefer it on the cooler side, but this time of year we should routinely be getting low 80's. This whole summer, it's been as though the summer is just going to pass us by - just go from spring right into fall.

I just spoke with my mother on the phone, and she says "Aw, all by your little lonesome, are you?" I just had to laugh, because I was sitting here with this blog entry title up on the screen.

So I am left here all alone. Yeah, that would be the day. Of course the little ones are here. Ah, if I could have 8 days with no kids...

I'd better stop that fantasizing now. I am going with Ironwolf to Hong Kong (another business trip) for 10 days some time in the next couple months. I'll get my time away from the kids, and it will be *horrible*.

But there is nothing keeping me from staying up all night blogging either, so maybe that's what I'll be doing. So, hey, dear readers, if you are up late at night, and you want to chat, go click that little button in my sidebar because I'll probably be there!


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